19-22 October 2017

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National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia

Regulating the Future:

Artificial Intelligence

We're faced with the question of whether Artificial Intelligence is dangerous and if its benefits far outweigh its potential for very serious consequences to all of humanity. It's no longer a question of if, but when.
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One of the World's largest EU simulations

Join us for the action-packed four days of debating one of the currently most burning issue: Artificial Intelligence regulation. Take on a role of a Member of the European Parliament, Minister of the Council or a Judge in the European Court of Justice and help us shape the future.

Roles and topics

Select one of the 5 roles and read more about the topic.

Member of the European Parliament

Step into the shoes of an MEP and try to create your position while juggling your party, faction and national interests.

Minister of the Council

There is a little number of positions more admirable than representing your government in the high-level multilateral ministerial meeting.

Role of Journalist

Cover all events, from high-level discussions, over informal meetings, to the late night scandals at the socials. The public has to be informed!

Judge, Advocate General or a Lawyer at the European Court of Justice

If the courtroom is your playground, then ECJ is the right place for you. Become the part of the intense legal process and shape the Court's decision.


Prove that the negative connotations about this profession are untrue. This challenging role will test your limits and persuasion skills to the maximum.

The Topic - Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

Europe is experiencing a momentous period of change. Globalization, automation, decarbonization, emerging and digital technologies: they all have an impact on jobs, industrial sector, business models, the economy and the society as a whole.  It is crucial to help Europeans adapt to these profound changes and to help the EU economy to become more resilient. It is a cliché to say that the world is more uncertain than ever before, but few realize just how much uncertainty has increased over the past 50 years, and especially over the last 10 years. Technological uncertainty results from unknowns regarding the technologies that might emerge or be combined to create a new solution. Have we already reached the point where we need to devise a legislative instrument on new technological issues such as robotics and artificial intelligence?

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Eligibility, fees and accommodation

BEUM 2017 is open to university and high-school students and fresh graduates up to 30 years of age, not requiring a visa to enter Serbia.*

Domestic participant fee

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6900 RSD*
  • Discounted price is valid for everyone residing in Serbia, regardless of their nationality or country of origin.
  • The price includes:
  • - conference pack
  • - 4 lunches
  • - entrance to the social and evening program
  • - certificate of participation
  • *please note that the fees are non-refundable in any case.

Foreign participant fee

Regular fee
  • Participants residing in all other countries are required to pay 79€. The price includes:
  • - 4 breakfasts
  • - conference pack
  • - 4 lunches
  • - free walking tour of Belgrade
  • - entrance to the social and evening program
  • - certificate of participation
  • *please note that the fees are non-refundable in any case.



The popular choice. We've booked the Hostel in the very heart of Belgrade for the very affordable 7€ per night including all taxes. Additional value: you get to hang out with other participants from the conference!


Ok, so you want a bit of luxury, peace and quiet for yourself and that is ok. We can help out with finding hotel accommodation and trying to negotiate a better price. Ask us for more information!

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